MEMS Cost Model and MEMS Price Model

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of updated Cost Model for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).  The IC Knowledge – MEMS Cost Model is now the MEMS Cost and MEMS Price Model.  The MEMS Cost and Price Model allows the user to easily estimate the manufacturing cost and selling price for most MEMS products. The new 1400 release features a completely redesigned and easier to use interface, new data, process, products, fabs and features. The model support pre-defined processes and products or the user can define their own.

The IC Knowledge – MEMS Cost Model is  the industry standard for cost modeling of MEMS products. Very easy to use tech model allows for up to two MEMS and up to two integrated circuit die in the same package providing a full MEMS product solution. The model then presents a detailed analysis of cost. The model supports both pre-defined and user defined products, processes and process steps. Cost includes wafer fabrication, wafer test, packaging and final test.

The following MEMS Fabs are included in the MEMS Cost Model

1. ADI (Analog Devices)  Cambridge
2. AKM (Asahi Kasei Microdevices)  Noboka
3. APM (Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc.)  Fab 1
4. APM (Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc.)  Fab 2
5. Colibrys Ltd.  None
6. Dalsa  100mm Line
7. Dalsa  150mm Line
8. Freescale  Sendai Fab
9. Freescale  Oak Hill
10. Global Foundries  Fab 3E
11. Hewlett Packard  HP Inkjet Wafer Fab II
12. IMT (Innovative Micro Technology)  Fab 1
13. Infineon  Fab 1
14. Infineon  Megafab
15. Infineon  Horton
16. Infotonics  ITC
17. Jazz  Newport Beach
18. Kionix  Ithaca Fab
19. MEMSCap S.A.  North Carolina
20. MEMSTech  SensFab
21. Micralyne  None
22. None
23. Robert Bosch  150mm Fab
24. Robert Bosch  200mm Fab
25. Semefab  Fab 2
26. Silex Microsystems  150mm Fab
27. Silex Microsystems  200mm Fab
28. SMI (Silicon Microstructures Inc.)  None
29. Sony  Kyushu Corp
30. ST Micro  Fab 1 (AG 8)
31. ST Micro  Fab 6
32. Tronics Microsystems S.A.  Fab 1
33. TSMC  Fab 2
34. TSMC  Fab 3

The following MEMS processes are included in the MEMS Cost Model
he model now supports multiple IC as well as MEMS die per product and “none” is used to turn off individual die and enter steps is used when the user is defining their own process.

1. None
2. Enter steps
3. 2 Layer Poly
4. Bulk Pressure Sensor
5. Cap wafer
6. Coventor  RF Relay
7. Discera  MEMS Oscillator with cap
8. Electrosatic Motor
9. Floating Element Flow Sensor
10. HP  Print Head
11. IMEPKU  2 layer poly
12. Infineon  Bulk Accoustic Wave
13. Infineon  Tire Pressure Measurement
14. Infotonics  Hybrid SOI
15. Invensense  Accelerometer (includes ASIC cavity formation)
16. Kionix  accelerometer
17. Knowles  Microphone
18. Lear  Tire Pressure Sensor
19. MEMSCap  Metal MUMPS
20. MEMSCap  Poly MUMPS
22. Protein Sensor
23. RF Relay
24. Robert Bosch  Accelerometer
25. SiTime  Oscillator
26. STMicro  Thelma
27. SUMMiT  3 poly layers
28. User Defined

Product details and ordering information can be found on Publications’ web site. View:  The IC Knowledge – MEMS Cost and Price Model.


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